Processus de publications

Processus général des 10 principales étapes de publication d’un texte dans Formation et profession : revue scientifique internationale en éducation

Durée approximative de l’ensemble du processus : 4 à 6 mois.

  • 1
    Create an account New account.
  • 2
    Manuscript submission, according to the Instructions for manuscript submission.
  • 3
    Approval by the Editor Team of the submission’s relevance to the journal’s objectives.
  • 4
    Compilance approval with editorial standards of the journal.
  • 5
    Assignment of reviewers.
  • 6
    Summary review report sent to the author(s).
  • 7
    Revised version submitted to a review committee, including a table of responses to reviewers’ comments (iterative process).
  • 8
    Linguistic revision and return to the author(s), as needed.
  • 9
    Revision of references and return to the author(s), as needed.
  • 10
    Graphic layout and return to the author(s), as needed.
  • 11
    Manuscript publication.